Really small JavaScript (ES6) library for DOM manipulation.

So, what is femtoJS? femtoJS is a JavaScript library for basic DOM manipulation. It has a jQuery-inspired syntax and supports chaining.

femtoJS is about 100 lines of code in size, and the entire library weighs in at just under 0.9kB compressed and gzipped.

Because FemtoJS is so small and simple, you can add or remove methods directly in the library, meaning it's very customizable. All methods are unrelated, so removing one will not affect any others in any way.

This library is designed to be personalized to meet your needs. It's easy to modify the code to add new methods or change existing ones.

Here are some code examples:

$('.someClass').css('background-color: green;').html('Hello World');
$('a').on('click', function() {
	$('#someDiv').css('background-color: green; color: #fff;');

It works in ES6-supporting browsers. For Internet Explorer -56346 support, see NanoJS.

Download on Github

Here is the list of all the methods: